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Tue Jan 10, 3: Well, you know what they say, the cheapest woman you'll ever date is the one you pay for The most liberal state in the union have the biggest prostitution business which happens to also have the biggest adult video industry. Tue Jan 10, 4: Tue Jan 10, 5: Being nitpicky here, buy why are red high heels associated with prostitution?

Is this the official prostitute attire? Are classy ladies not supposed to wear this?. Jan 22, Posts: Why does Congress hate prostitution? There are no prostitution lobbyists buying them lunch or bringing them "gifts. Jan 21, Posts: Balderstrom Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Aug 13, Posts: Living in Europe I just kind of assumed that it's legal in most places of the world, like it is here to varying degrees.

I can understand it being illegal in theocratic countries, but is it really illegal in most of the world? It's illegal in most States for a woman to show her boobs, and It's illegal in most States to urinate in public, because of Consider a US State like you would a European Country, but without the guidance of the European Council to keep them from doing really stupid shit. Hell the KKK still exists here. That should be enough to give everyone pause.

Mar 24, Posts: Lagrange Ars Praefectus Registered: Politicians can't stand the idea of someone taking away their title of "Biggest Whores In America". When you've spent your entire career prostituting yourself to big business and rich donors, you don't want any competition taking away your business. Jul 24, Posts: While I'm sure that's true, BP is in fact not shut down at all, and all the prostitution ads are still there.

The only thing removed were the categories. Seriously, it's all still there. But as for the shutting down bit, thats more of an inference from me considering what the site's traffic is most known for and the quote within the article. But yeah, I guess theres still a chance of BP staying online if the owners choose to stay in the market. I'm always happy to be wrong whenever I yell doom and gloom from the mountaintop Edit: Also idk what happened with these nested quotes but I'm not replying to myself despite what it looks like.

Oct 8, Posts: If X, then Y, where Y is a random value? I will be so glad when we can primary her out in She is better than the GOP alternative, but not by much. Dec 8, Posts: Like Russia investigation, am I right? The whole thing was brought up after Trump won, seems like a validation of sore losers feeling?

Why the 'powers that be' can't see fit to use a site like Backpage. Once you have decided something is immoral you apparently have an obligation to make it as dangerous as possible. Pre-marital sex is bad so therefore you need to be against birth control. You also need to be against HPV vaccinations. Prostitution is immoral so you need to be against anything which might make it safer, like letting prostitutes and johns have rating web sites so they can make safer choices about who to do business with.

Drugs are immoral so you need to be against needle exchanges. Some might consider advocating for polices which increase sickness, suffering or death to be immoral. But that's because you aren't a truly moral person. Anything which increases the suffering of immoral people is in fact moral.

On top of that, these idiots are effectively voting to put up their own taxes and increase their healthcare costs which you can be sure they would campaign against if anyone else dared to do it.

Instead of spending a few dollars a month giving clean needles to a heroin user, these people would rather prevent them from accessing harm reduction services so they end up in the ER one day and incur tens of thousands of dollars of hospital bills that have to be paid by everyone else. Even without the moral angle, it's a dumb policy that helps no-one. The Judge in the California case utterly destroyed this allegation.

The evidence is so utterly weak that he ruled even if the entirety of what the state said happened, happened it was not a crime. Golgo1 Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Apr 9, Posts: I agree with the tone and content of your post, but for clarity I have to ask Are you trying to imply that public urination is a silly law? Because yes, the others really are Should we be Free to Pee?

Mar 9, Posts: May 27, Posts: May 17, Posts: Well that brings up my belief that if the only justification for a policy is your religion there is a very good chance it's simply a bad policy which is going to make life worse for at least some people if not everybody. Insightfill Smack-Fu Master, in training Registered: May 10, Posts: Not any couch you'd want to sit on without a thick layer of plastic on it. Search Engines are designed to show you what you are looking for.

Nobody cares about the women they claim to be protecting. Otherwise there would be a broader, and serious debate on the issue of prostitution. This is just another way to "look busy", and be able to say at election time "look, I saved you from the prostitutes. I was tough on crime and immorality. It is astounding the amount of energy that has been spent on this effort, instead of things that could actually help women like shelters, vocational training, and de-criminalization. Sep 27, Posts: In France, a burkha is indecent coverage.

So probably somewhere in between. There is also politics or ideology as a significant driving force behind a push for these kind of laws. The surprisingly draconian laws on prostitution in Sweden weren't coming from the religious right, but it is the same story of a group of people who think they know better than everyone else and want to impose their morality.

It's one thing to try and protect people from exploitation but that's often a smokescreen for a desire to prevent anyone taking part in activities or professions they don't approve of. Jan 6, Posts: The problem is that you've bought into the tactics that were used in exactly the way that was intended by those who used them.

It was never actually shown that Backpage was facilitating prostitution in court and certainly not that they'd been doing so for underage prostitution, and the courts actually found against those claims. Problem is, the politicians involved here disapprove of Backpage in general , regardless of whether or not the adult services we're discussing were legal ie.

Now, I don't know if the senators' allegations are true. Maybe they are, but I don't think it's especially relevant. What's at issue here is that it's for the courts to determine that, not for the senators themselves to use investigatory powers intended to help them craft legislation specifically to sidestep those courts and directly attack the company. They don't need proof, just that accusation. And if the accusation is you're doing it from a pizza parlor's non-existent basement, it can even be a rumor spread by third parties.

Los Angeles, CA Registered: Dec 22, Posts: Just admit it, just because you call an "escort service" instead of contacting them on CraigsList doesn't mean you aren't hypocrites. It's not that they can't afford a domain, it's because they don't have the technical savvy and, seriously, do they need their own domain?

It's not as if anyone is going to go visit it directly in most cases. I wish they would all go there, then those interested in using their services could go there and leave the rest of us in peace. Mar 1, Posts: There is a reason good escorts and well off Johns rarely get picked up by police. Because the first rule is you never talk money, show it or the like. If it's illegal due to religious reasons, then this doesn't hold since Western society is more secular these days. I think sex has always been about no strings, for the large part.

In our contemporary society, we're simply more open about sexual issues. I think generally those who oppose easy sex are scared of sexual relations, or are threatened by sexuality. I don't think it makes sense to avert the inevitable, and the desire for easy sex is what drives prostitution.

You can be poor but still have enough to get a prostitute every now and then. If you're poor most women don't want a normal relationship with you even women then are also poor themselves. Originally Posted by JBT Who cares what people think.. I havent gone to a escort but im gonna soon becasue no women wants to be with me so why shouldnt i pay for it if i cant get it any other way?

US, California - federalist. It really doesn't bother me that men go to escorts. I don't have anything against women who choose to work in that field and i certainly don't judge men who use the service. The only time it would bother me if i found out my boyfriend went to an escort while being in a relationship with me. Originally Posted by dvcgal. It doesn't bother me as long as they decide not to return to the dating world. Originally Posted by katie At least this guy is honest about it!

I have a brothel in the street where I live and most men going inside have a wedding ring on their finger. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick.

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Escort backpage one night stand site

Escort backpage one night stand site

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