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Standard Packaging Verified Purchase. Relatively cheap, easy to use, and effective. What else can you ask for? Sure there are a fair amount of false alarms in the city, but with the mute button mounted right on the base of the chord AND the automute feature, it's not bad. My escort paid for itself after about 3 weeks: I was cruising down a 55mph road going closer to 70 and all of the sudden the Ka band alert started going crazy.

I didn't see anything until about another 2 miles down the road, and sure enough, there was a cop hitting the people in front of me with an instant-on blast. Definitely could have been me if I didn't have my escort. And that's not the mention the 6 or 7 times it saved me on the highway this past weekend as I went to Georgia.

For the price, it'll pay for itself if it saves you even once, so there's no question in my mind that it's worth it. After owning this product for over a year, and after having also used the IX and the Redline, I have to say that this is still a solid little detector.

Decent range and sensitivity, cheap, fairly effective. I think this would make a great first detector for anyone. I purchased this radar detector in November and now after 8 months of use I feel it is time to finally provide my experience with this product.

First off, Escort is a top tier company company when it comes to quality, packaging, and presentation of their products. I personally believe Escort makes the best radar detectors out in the market right now. When my package arrived, I opened it to find a really nice box that contained a hard carrying case, Window mount, smart cord, and the detector itself.

Mounting is very easy and unlike other detectors, this thing will not fly off the hinges on a quick turn or when you peel off at high speeds. The set up of this detector is really simple and I suggest veiwing a YouTube video that shows how to set up and use the multiple functions on the product.

There you will find multiple settings you can tune to your preference. I run the automatic setting with only the KA band detector turned on. With this on I never get any false alerts, in fact most false alerts come from having K and X bands, and since all the police in my area use KA band, I found this to be beneficial to me.

The beep can be set to very high volume and I can hear it clearly even when playing music very loud and with my loud exhaust on my Infiniti G All in all, there is no other radar detector brand you should consider besides Escort, due to the insane detection quality of this product.

I have gone through Cobras, whistlers, etc and none of them hold a candle to Escort products. I was going to buy this at full price, but had to jump on the Lightning deal when it was available. If your budget is higher go for the next tier in Escorts line of detectors for an even greater detection range and features. This passport is amazing! I use this on a daily basis as my work revolves around driving about miles a day. This outweighs the cheaper detectors because It has an amazing degree protection!

I also love the distance in which I can detect radars. It gives you enough time to react. As compared to my cheap radar, the design and sounds is far superior! Trust the other reviewers and buy it now! I bought this before taking a trip to So Cal. There were a few false alarms, but overall this thing worked like a charm. It seems that the CHP uses Ka band for the most part and the passport would pick it up as much as a mile out.

I was consistently driving 85 and slowing down to 70 when i received an alert. Doing this saved me a couple hours of driving time. This device doesn't make you invincible. You are still susceptible to laser, POP and aircraft, but you will get lots of advance warning for the majority of speed traps.

I still think this is a perfectly good radar detector, but if i had it to do over again i would buy one that has GPS and false alarm lockout.

I drive the same route every day and this thing goes off in the same spots every time. Sure i can mute it but it would be nice to have one of the detectors that just remembers and ignores where your false alarms are. Still though it's a good product and i haven't had a ticket since purchasing it. We've had this radar for a few years now and it is still a great radar however with the addition of new cars using K band for the lane switching sensors it goes off on the highway ALL the time.

I would recommend the and it is a better product all because it has the auto program feature that takes away the false reading from stationary sites. It has other nice features like warnings for speed traps and red light cameras.

It catches the cops a miles away. It definitely has saved us on tickets. I love the smart cord, the mute feature is great and very handy for my short arms that can't reach easily to the mount. See all 1, reviews. See all customer images.

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Pages with related products. See and discover other items: There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Get to Know Us. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. It detect all bands of speed enforcement radar X, K, Ka, and Ku from both front and rear, and its programmable GPS-enabled circuitry ensures you won't be caught off-guard by hidden speed traps or pesky speed cameras.

It even eliminates annoying false alarms. The Passport's GPS system takes advantage of the same satellites used for GPS navigation to pinpoint your exact location and compares it to the detector's on-board database of red light and speed camera locations. As you approach a potential threat, the detector provides an instant audible and visual alert.

Distinct audible, visual, and voice alerts provide a separate warning for each band of radar, as well as laser, and traffic safety warnings. The brilliant blue LED alpha-numeric display is easily read in direct sunlight, and features five selectable levels of brightness for optimum night or evening use.

The ix detects X, K, KA, and Ku bands of radar, and also alerts of speed cameras, red light cameras, and locks out annoying false alarms.

The False Alert Eliminator It's no secret that radar detectors are susceptible to false alerts. Radar signals are used not only for speed radar guns, but also for everyday devices like the automatic door openers at your local grocery store or motion sensors for home and business alarm systems.

But thanks to the ix's GPS-powered TrueLock filter, you'll never have to worry about false alerts again. When you discover a false alert, simply press the "mute" button three times, and the ix will record the exact radar frequency and GPS location in its memory, and ignore future alerts. However, if an actual speed enforcement threat should occur at that same location in the future, the IX is intelligent enough to recognize the new radar frequency and will alert you in plenty of time.

Artificial Intelligence Protection The ix also features AutoLearn technology, an artificial intelligence that recognizes false alerts. If the detector picks up a specific frequency from a flagged location three times, it will acknowledge that as a false alert and will lock the frequency and location out of future alerts, alerting you of its decision with a single beep and displaying the locked frequency band on the unit's LED screen. The ix can also unlock specific signals to protect you from specific threats as well.

If a particular frequency is no longer present at a flagged location, or if the frequency moves to a new location, say across the street or down the road, the Passport will unlock the signal. The AutoLearn feature can also be toggled off in the main menu. Press the "Mark" button to set a new speed trap location in the ix's memory. The next time you approach the marked location, the ix will alert you of the possible speed trap. Speed Traps, Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, and More Thanks to an extremely comprehensive database, the ix has the ability to alert you of speed cameras, red light cameras, and common speed traps across North America.

The database is frequently updated, and Escort provides three months of downloadable updates for free. The internal red light and speed camera database is easily updated by connecting the ix to your computer's USB port.

The ix includes 3-months of free updates from Escort. Red light cameras are triggered by sensors built into the road, and activated when they detect a vehicle passing through the intersection illegally.

A photograph is taken of the car and a ticket is mailed to the vehicle's owner. These systems do not emit a radar signal and are therefore undetectable by most other radar detectors Thanks to intelligent design, the Passport recognizes an approaching red light camera system and visually and audibly alerts you of the threat.

Speed cameras are just as sneaky, and there are multiple types: Radar based cameras transmit a near-horizontal radar beam across traffic lanes, which is difficult for almost any detector to pick up from a long distance. Laser cameras are even more difficult to detect since the signal is so narrow and does not let off any radiated or leaked signals. Induction loop cameras are similar to red light cameras and do not emit a radar signal at all.

Photo cameras similarly do not use radar or laser signals and use multiple time-stamped photos to recognize speeding vehicles. All four speed cameras are nearly impossible for any radar detector to protect against, which is why the GPS-equipped ix is the perfect system to protect against all speed detection threats.

Speed traps are pretty sneaky and are usually located to catch unsuspecting motorists off-guard If you discover a clever speed trap location, simply press the "Mark" button on the detector and tell the ix what kind of warning to assign to your Mark Red Light, Speed Camera, Speed Trap, or Other. The next time you approach that exact location, the ix will give you an alert either one-mile ahead if you're traveling above 50MPH or a half-mile if traveling under 50MPH.

Variable Speed Sensitivity Not only does the GPS protect you with location-based radar tracking, the ix also uses GPS to measure your speed, and automatically varies the radar strength for optimal radar protection. When traveling at highway speeds, the Escort is on full alert with maximum radar sensitivity for the best possible performance.

When you slow down to city speeds, the ix tunes down the sensitivity of key radar bands to help eliminate false alerts. It's so intelligent, that most of the time you won't even have to use the TrueLock feature. Of course if you prefer maximum radar protection, this feature can be turned off by selecting Highway mode. The Passport can also be programmed to flash your speed on the radar's display when it detects a radar threat, allowing you to quickly and easily check your speed without having to look down at your speedometer.

Users can switch on Expeter Meter or SpecDisplay for even greater radar signal information. Alerts and Audio As you approach a radar source, the Passport ix will alert you with a distinct audible alert for the particular band of radar as well as a visual alert on the blue LED display. Each radar has its own specific chirp that increases in rate as you get closer to a radar source, eventually leading into a solid tone when the source is at its strongest.

A voice alert for each radar and laser warning can also be toggled on or off in the detector's menu. The LED display indicates which band of radar is hitting you and displays the signal strength via bar graph meter readout.

If there happens to be more than one radar signal in the vicinity, the Escort will decide which signal is the greatest threat and give priority to whichever is more important. For instance, if you drive by a grocery store with X-band based automatic doors, and a police officer is on the next block using a Ka-based radar gun, even though the X-band signal is stronger, the Ka signal will take priority.

Ka and Ku bands are almost exclusively used for speed enforcement, while X and now K bands are used for other purposes.

The visual alert can also be customized to provide more information by switching into "Expert Meter" mode. The Expert Meter is designed for more experienced radar detector users, and can display up to three radar sources on the display at once, with a four-bar signal strength meter for each. For the ultra-experienced radar user, the ix can even display the exact frequency of the radar band being detected. Mute, AutoMute, and AutoVolume It's understandable that you probably don't want to listen to the audible alert's continuous tone once you're aware of a threat.

Simply press the "mute" button on the top of the detector and the audible signal will mute for that particular instance.

When the signal passes out of range, the ix will turn its audible alert back on. AutoMute can also be activated in the detector's feature menu. Once an alert has been announced, the system will automatically turn down the audible alert to a user-selected level. The Passport ix can also be set to automatically detect the ambient noise level in your car, and either turn up or turn down the detector's alert volume to compensate.



What is the interview process like? I personally believe Escort makes the best radar detectors out in the market right. The brilliant blue LED alpha-numeric display is easily read in direct sunlight, and features five selectable levels of brightness for optimum night or evening use. If there happens to be more than one radar signal in the vicinity, the Escort will decide which signal is the greatest threat and give priority to whichever is more important. What would you suggest Zenetex LLC management do to prevent others from Windshield Mount and Smart Power Cord Mounting the Passport ix is a snap with the included windshield suction cup .

Escort blue become an escort

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